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action grrl

twilight is awesome!

I totally see what everyone means about it being about teenage girl desire! I'm in the middle of Bella and Edward's first date. Well, first of all she had just been swooning with lust for him in the cafeteria while tracing out the fake wood-grain of the laminated table top and then again in history class during a film. And his desire for her is partly explained by the fact that he can't read her mind but he can read everyone else's.

Now, on their date, he's asking her questions about all the trivia of her life including exactly what CDs she has in her truck and what her favorite color is and why -- and every book she's ever read. All, of course, without trying to get into her pants (even if he does lust to DRINK HER BLOOD or whatever!) This when my memory of swooning over high school boys is mixed with the memory of them being irritating as all fuck with their constant beavis and butthead hostile sexual joking.

I see the creepy bit of Edward and his possessiveness - yes, that's creepy!

But there's so much total candy in here! She's always dying to touch his hand and really enjoying that angsty feeling like she just can't!

She spends about an hour trying to describe one particular smell she likes and he's fascinated all the way through, and keeps asking her questions.

I wish I could explain why it's making me laugh so hard.


I think my issue is that the film makes the problematic nature so much more obvious than if it's in words. This has always been my issue, at least--I find I can interpret words better to my own advantage.
I saw it with a friend who'd read the book first, and she said they'd ruined the sweetness of the meadow scene because they were arguing through the equivalent scene in the movie (the revelation scene).

I went and re-read the meadow scene and it had that problematic nature all over it. She'd just not remembered that.

Pattinson said that he'd tried to play the role so that there was always an edge, because there was no possible happy ending from Edward's perspective.
Your post made me remember--Young Love! The desire to completely know and be known to the lover, and the concomitant fear that when the lover knows you, they will be repulsed, the desire to expose yourself to them, to touch someone who isn't your mother or father and the fear that entails.

You're right, it's all there!
Yay! Yes, total fantasy.

I have mixed feelings about the criticism that the movie encourages girls to date dangerous stalkers. Kindof, yeah, it's legit to be maybe more worried about teenagers following the bad example of a movie then adults, because they're still figuring out the rules, so normalizing fucked-up behavior is bad. But- but-- does that mean teenagers aren't allowed to have fantasies? It seems so unfair!

In some ways, it reminds me of back when Pat Califia had to have his characters use condoms during his porn. Like, yeah eroticizing safe sex is important, etc, but it is so mean somehow to police desire at this intense a level.

Yay! Glad yr having fun! It sounds like the later books get creepier-- I only saw the movie-- but my gosh it was giggle sparkle pink poprocks ridicoulous fun!

I only saw the movie-- but my gosh it was giggle sparkle pink poprocks ridicoulous fun!

I saw it drunk with good friends, which made it extra fun.


And smoother application of whiteface.
It made me simultaneously miss all those giddy feelings while being glad I didn't have to go through all that any more.

I laughed a lot too, and I enjoyed the movie bunches. More than once. Okay, more than five times.